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When Patty Went Away

SEASONS OF DOUBT: historical novel to release spring 2018

In 1873, Mary Harrington’s husband leaves her and their five-year-old son on a homestead in remote Nebraska. Three months later, he still has not returned. Mary does not know if he is dead or alive. Mary and her son have run out of food and fuel to heat their sod house.

Mary is a small, uncertain woman. She fears she does not have what it takes to take care of them. But their lives are at a mortal crossroad; if they wait, they will soon starve or freeze to death. They must leave. Their survival is up to her, but how?

When Patty Went Away

When Patty Went Away

What event could turn a quiet man from one who has always followed and gone along, to one who takes a stand against his community?

In 1976, in a remote farming corner of Oregon, rebellious fifteen-year-old Patty vanishes. Blamed for awful trouble, the community, everyone but farmer Jack McIntyre and his daughter, bid her good riddance. Even Jack’s wife dusts her hands of the girl.

As wild as she turned, Patty had once been close to Jack’s family and was his daughter’s only friend. Jack cannot help but care what happened to her. His feelings for the girl force him to make the most difficult decision of his life: to find the courage to search for her. The journey he takes will change him, and everyone he loves, profoundly.

A Minor Literary Masterpiece A deftly written novel showcasing the quiet struggle of a farmer and his family within the framework of a deftly written mystery. A minor literary masterpiece, author Jeannie Burt is a remarkably gifted writer and When Patty Went Away is highly recommended for personal summer fun reading lists.”

The Midwest Book Review